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Image: 0144192973, License: Rights managed, This daring photographer was clearly never warned about playing with fire – he created these dazzling sparks by setting alight steel wool. In between studies, 16-year-old Cheah Nan Zhing makes these dangerous shots by swinging a burning piece of steel wool around in circles…Though, the teenager admitted he was happy to view the action from behind the lens while his friends carry out the hazardous stunts. The youngster took the amazing photographs at a beach called Sungai Batu, in Penang, Malaysia. SEE OUR COPY FOR DETAILS…Pictured: One of the amazing photographs that Cheah has captured of one of his friends spinning the sparking steel wool…Pleease byline: Cheah Nz/Solent News..© Cheah Nz/Solent News & Photo Agency.UK +44 (0) 2380 458800., Model Release: No or not aplicable, Credit line:, Solent News

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